Accord TPMS Sensor

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OE NO: 42753-SWA-A53

Frequency: 315mhz

Vehicle Make: Honda


Accord TPMS Sensor

OE NO: 42753-SWA-A53

The Accord TPMS sensor is a reliable and accurate tool that monitors tire pressure in Honda Accord models. It helps maintain vehicle stability, handling, and fuel efficiency while also preventing accidents.

Its easy installation, long battery life, and precise readings make it an essential safety feature for any Accord driver. The sensor uses advanced technology to measure tire pressure and provide precise readings to the driver.

It ensures that the driver can quickly and easily detect any changes in tire pressure and take action to maintain safe driving conditions. The sensor has a long battery life, and its programming can easily adjust to suit different driving styles and weather conditions.

The Accord OE TPMS sensor is important because its design works seamlessly with the Accord’s systems. It ensures the vehicle’s tire pressure is constantly monitored and maintained within the recommended range.

Why Choose Accord TPMS Sensor By Porcsi?

Choosing the Accord TPMS Sensor by Porcsi ensures a high-quality and reliable product. That said, it means that it is engineered to meet the exact specifications of the car with accurate and reliable readings.

The Accord TPMS Sensor by Porcsi is easy to install and offers all the necessary hardware and instructions for a hassle-free installation process. Moreover, if you own a Honda Accord and need a new TPMS sensor, the Accord TPMS Sensor by Porcsi is a solid choice to meet your needs.