BMW Alpina TPMS Sensor

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BMW Alpina Direct TPMS Sensors

BMW Alpina is a German automobile manufacturer that specializes in high-performance versions of BMW cars. Alpina includes components to produce more power and better handling.

Alpina cars come equipped with a TPMS as standard equipment. Alpina cars use various TPMS technologies, including direct and indirect systems, depending on the model and year of production.

Alpina TPMS sensors are different from standard BMW TPMS sensors. Alpina cars use specific TPMS sensors compatible with the Alpina-specific wheel and tire combinations. These programmed TPMS sensors work with the Alpina car’s onboard computer system. These calibrated sensors provide accurate tire pressure readings for the specific wheel and tire combinations.

If you need to replace your Alpina TPMS sensors, you must use OE Alpina parts to ensure proper compatibility and functionality.

Porcsi TPMS Sensors For Alpina Car Models

If you are looking to replace or install TPMS sensors on your Alpina car model, you must check the Porcsi website or contact our customer support to purchase compatible sensors for your specific Alpina model.

Additionally, Porcsi offers Alpina direct TPMS sensors compatible with your car’s make, model, and year to ensure proper functionality. If you suspect your TPMS sensors are not working correctly, have them inspected and replaced by high-quality Porcsi TPMS sensors if necessary.