Bentley TPMS Sensor

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OE Number: 5Q0907275B

Frequency: 433 mhz

Vehicle Make: Bentley


Bentley TPMS Sensors

Bentley is a luxury car manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Bentley cars he brand’s cars have exquisite designs, powerful engines, and advanced technology features.

Among its intriguing features, Bentley TPMS sensors help prevent accidents by alerting drivers about underinflated tires. That said, underinflated tires can cause several problems, including reduced fuel efficiency, poor handling, and increased tire wear.

Bentley TPMS sensors help ensure that the vehicle is always operating at optimal performance levels. If the TPMS sensors detect a problem with tire pressure, they will trigger a warning light on the dashboard to alert the driver to take action.

OE Bentley direct TPMS has frequencies ranging from 315 MHz to 433 MHz. Additionally, the sensors measure the air pressure in each tire and transmit this information wirelessly to the vehicle’s onboard computer. However, they may require replacement when changing tires or the sensors malfunction due to certain conditions.

Why Is Porcsi The Best Choice For Bentley TPMS Sensors?

OE-compatible sensors meet the specifications and standards of the sensors that come with the vehicle from the manufacturer. That said, ensuring a seamless fit and accurate readings, Porcsi is a good choice for Bentley TPMS sensors due to the OE-compatible sensors with high standardization.

Porcsi also provides technical help and excellent customer support. Speaking of that, your Bentley will always function properly and offer a safe and comfortable ride with TPMS sensors by Porcsi.