Atenza TPMS Sensor

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OE NO: BBP337140B/BHB637140


Atenza TPMS Sensors

If you own an Atenza, invest in a TPMS sensor that is specifically designed for your vehicle. The Atenza TPMS sensor is a reliable and high-quality option compatible with most Atenza models.

The Atenza TPMS sensor monitors the tire pressure and sends real-time alerts if the pressure drops below the recommended level. It helps to prevent dangerous situations on the road, such as blowouts, reduced handling, and decreased fuel efficiency.

Most Atenza TPMS sensors use a direct monitoring system. It involves a sensor mounted inside each tire that measures the air pressure and sends the data wirelessly to the vehicle’s onboard computer system.

This system provides accurate and real-time data, allowing the driver to quickly address any issues with tire pressure before they become a safety hazard.

Why Choose Atenza TPMS Sensor By Porcsi?

When purchasing a TPMS sensor for your Atenza, it’s essential to choose a reputable brand known for its accuracy and reliability. The OE Atenza TPMS Sensors by Porcsi are an excellent choice, as they meet the high standards of original equipment manufacturers.

This sensor can directly replace Atenza’s original sensor, ensuring accurate tire pressure monitoring and seamless integration with your vehicle’s computer system. Porcsi uses high-quality materials in TPMS sensors to withstand the rigors of daily driving.