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OE Number: 36106881890

Frequency: 433 mhz

Vehicle Make: BMW


BMW TPMS Sensors

BMW is a German multinational corporation that produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles. BMW has a reputation for engineering excellence and technological innovation, and it is often at the forefront of automotive advancements.

TPMS is a modern safety feature present in modern BMW vehicles. The TPMS alerts drivers when the air pressure in one or more tires falls below a certain threshold. It also helps improve safety and fuel efficiency.

One should always make sure that BMW’s TPMS is functioning properly by checking that the TPMS warning light illuminates when they start the vehicle and goes off after a few seconds.

If you continue to receive a warning after adding air, there may be a problem with the TPMS system. That said, it may require replacement.

Why Choose Porcsi TPMS Sensors for BMW?

BMW direct TPMS sensors send warnings about underinflated tires. Since a TPMS may wear out with time, it is essential to replace them. A malfunctioning or bad TPMS sensor provides inaccurate readings and it may become a cause of tire wear or tire burst on a long ride.

In this regard, Porcsi offers a solution for BMW car owners. OE-compatible BMW TPMS sensors by the Porcsi. Plus, it will provide accurate readings and also reduce tire wear. A Porcsi TPMS sensor battery has a longer life and recommended frequency.