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Freescale Chip
Maxell Battery
Automatical Tire Match
Solar Charged

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Wireless external sensor car solar TPMS, solar tire pressure monitor
  • Use solar energy to get electricity, with 4 internal or external sensors.
  • LCD panel, with extra mini USB port for charging.
  • Lightweight design for sensor, no need to adjust to balance when the tire moving.
  • Monitoring the temperature and pressure with high degree accuracy, display for 4 tires at the same time.
  • Save fuel, forsee air leakage, reduce tire wear out, balance tire pressure, and ensure safe driving.
  • RF wireless technology can auto-alarm when tire pressure and temperature is abnormal.
  • With two pressure units “PSI, BAR ” and two temperature units “℃,℉” for options.
  • Support tire position exchange function.
  • Sensor waterproof grade: IP67.
  • With FREESCALE Chip and RENATA anti-explosion battery.

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