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Freescale Chip
Maxell Battery
Automatical Tire Match
Time Function

MT100 Specifications

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      1. Use lithium rechargeable battery to get electricity,with 2 external sensors.
      2. LCD pannel,with extra mini USB port for charging.
      3. Light weight design for sensor, no need to adjust to balance when the tire moving.
      4. Monitoring the tempreature and pressure with high degree accuracy, display for 2 tires at the same time.
      5. Save fuel,forsee air leakage,reduce tire wearout,balance tire pressure,ensure safety driving.
      6. RF wireless technology,can auto-alarm,when tire pressure and temperature is abnormal.
      7. With two pressure unit”PSI,BAR ” and two temperature unit”℃,℉” for option.
      8. Support tire position exchange function.
      9. Sensor waterproof grade:IP67.
      10. Vehicle specification chip, Wansheng battery imported from Japan

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