TPMS Glossary

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a technology used to monitor tire pressure in vehicles. Here is a glossary of terms related to TPMS sensors:

Direct TPMS: It pressure sensors mounted inside each tire to directly measure air pressure.

Indirect TPMS: A system that uses the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and wheel speed sensors to estimate tire pressure based on the change in tire rotation speed.

Sensor: The device that measures tire pressure and transmits the data to the vehicle\’s TPMS system.

Tire pressure: The amount of air pressure in a tire, which is monitored by the TPMS system.

Valve stem sensor: A type of TPMS sensor that is integrated into the valve stem of the tire.

Internal sensor: A TPMS sensor type that is mounted inside the tire, typically on the wheel rim.

Transmitter: The TPMS sensor component that sends tire pressure information to the vehicle\’s TPMS system.

Receiver: The component of the TPMS system that receives tire pressure information from the sensors.

TPMS warning light: A dashboard warning light that illuminates when tire pressure falls below a specified threshold.

Low-pressure warning: An alert that is triggered when tire pressure falls below a specified threshold.

Relearn procedure: A process that is performed after replacing a TPMS sensor, tire, or wheel to synchronize the vehicle\’s TPMS system with the new sensor.

TPMS reset tool: A device used to perform the relearn procedure.

Frequency: The radio frequency used by the TPMS sensors to transmit data to the vehicle\’s TPMS system.

Tire Pressure Regulator: A device that regulates the air pressure in the tires by opening and closing a valve.

Tire Pressure Adjustment: A process of adjusting the air pressure in the tires to the manufacturer\’s recommended level.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset: A process of resetting the TPMS system after a tire pressure adjustment.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Calibration: A process of calibrating the TPMS system to ensure it is providing accurate readings.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Diagnostics: A process of diagnosing and troubleshooting issues with the TPMS system.

Tire Pressure Monitor: A device that displays tire pressure information on the vehicle\’s dashboard.

Tire Pressure Gauge: A device that measures tire pressure and displays the results on a dial or digital display.

TPMS Battery Life: A TPMS battery has a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Some cases require early battery life.