Types Of Truck Tires Truck Owner Should Know About

When you are choosing tires for your vehicle, many factors come into play. For instance, your driving conditions and the climate of the place where you drive the car. Choosing a truck tire is also similar. There are many different types of tires available in the market and you can buy the one that meets your needs.

If your vehicle is an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive pickup truck, here is a guide on the types of truck tires that every truck owner must know about.

Different Types Of Truck Tires
Truck tires are manufactured and designed in such a way as to be used on SUVs as well. These tires offer excellent off-roading capabilities, ride, and handling.

Let\’s go through the following types of truck tires that will help you decide which one to choose according to your needs.

Pickup Truck Tires
Normal truck tires offer improved characteristics and come with the following advantages:

  • They cost relatively lower than the other tires.
  • These truck tires work perfectly in all seasons.
  • Pickup truck tires don\’t make noise when moving on roads.

Alongside advantages, this type of truck tire have following disadvantages:

  • They weaken over time when you drive your pickup truck regularly.
  • This type of truck tire may damage in extreme weather conditions.

Off-Road Tires
Drivers who go off-roading regularly can use off-road tires. Here are the advantages of off-road tires:

  • Off-road tires provide a good grip and traction on uneven and tough terrains.
  • This type of tire have puncture resistance making them less prone to damage.
  • They have a wider side groove which helps in maneuvering the truck.
  • The off-roading tires have multiple advantages but when it comes to regular roads, they are unsuitable because of higher rolling resistance. Alongside, they wear more on regular roads.

All-Terrain Tires
The major benefit of this type of truck tire is that it offers a balance for different types of terrains. Here are some advantages of all-terrain truck tires:

  • Stronger grip than most of the other tires.
  • More resistant to cuts and punctures.
  • Convenient for all seasons.

Alongside benefits, here are some drawbacks of the all-terrain tires:

  • They are manufactured from soft rubber that damages tire tread often.
  • All-terrain tires are subject to cupping, a type of tire wear that creates worn patches on different tread parts.

Mud Tires
Mud tires are specifically designed for unpaved and muddy roads. That said, it has the following advantages as a type of truck tire:

  • Due to narrow gaps between treads, it offers better traction and grip on mud surfaces.
  • Mud and dirt don\’t stick to the tires due to tread pattern and design.
  • Mud tires require low maintenance.

With advantages, it has some cons that are as followed:

  • They cost higher than other types of truck tires.
  • They tend to wear out quickly on paved surfaces.

Tires Depending on Seasons
Truck drivers can also choose tires for different seasons according to the climate of the place where they reside. Here are the types of truck tires depending on the seasons:

Highway Tires
Highway truck tires are another type of normal truck tires. They provide excellent handling and ride quality on paved surfaces alongside the following pros:

  • Provide improved fuel efficiency.
  • They are lightweight making them suitable for higher speeds.
  • They don\’t have disadvantages as such except the fact that they wear out or puncture on rough surfaces and terrain.

This ends our guide to choosing the right type of truck tires according to your needs. Ensure that you install and program TPMS correctly when you replace the tires.

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