Everything You Need To Know About Tire Tread Wear Bars

Worn-out tires are a potential risk to your safety. When the treads are worn out to a certain extent and reach the minimum depth, it indicates that you require new tires. But, how do you know that tires are worn out completely and you require new tires?

Moreover, how will you find out that the tire treads are completely worn-out? There are several methods to check whether you require a new set of tires. Among these methods, tread wear bars are one of the common ones.

Let\’s go through this complete article about tread wear bars and learn how to find tire tread depth using these bars.

What Are Tread Wear Bars?
The raised bars in the grooves between the tread lines are called tread wear bars. They can be located at different points on the tires to measure the tread wear.

The purpose of tread wear bars is to measure how much tread has worn out on a digital scale. When you use a tread measurement gauge, these tread wear bars help find the correct depth. Also, it helps you check if your car needs new tires.

How Do Tread Wear Bars Help?
Tread length is calculated as 32 per inch. These wear bars are located at 1/16 inches. That said, the tread wear bar is at the minimum recommended tread.

Therefore, when the tread wear bars align with the grooves, it means that car owners need to change the tires. Most tires have six tread bars whereas smaller tires such as motorcycle ones have three wear bars.

What Is The Minimum Tread Depth And Why Does It Matter?
The minimum tread depth required for safe driving is 1/16 inches. Treads have grooves that drain out water from the tires. That said, it helps balance and handles the car properly on wet roads.

However, when the tires wear out to an extent that tread wear bars align to the grooves, the grooves won\’t drain the water properly. This will increase the slippage and become a great risk of an accident due to less traction and grip.

Moreover, tread depth improves gripping, traction, and control of the vehicle. Besides, it enhances the cornering ability of the vehicle. That said, once the tread wears and there are no tread wear bars, it will be difficult to determine and know whether the tires are in proper health or not.

What Are The Methods to Measure Tread Depth?
There are certain methods to check the tire tread depth. It is important to measure tread depth to determine if the tires need to be changed. The following methods are used to measure the tire tread wear:

  • The coin or penny test
  • Tire tread wear bars
  • Tire tread measurement gauge

This wraps Porcsi\’s guide to tread wear bars and how they help in proper measurement. Alongside tread wear, it is essential to ensure that tires are properly inflated. And, that\’s where tire pressure sensors help. Therefore, when your tire pressure sensor is faulty, replace it with a new TPMS sensor from a leading manufacturer.