How To Check If You Need New Tires

Tires are essential for vehicle handling and also contribute to better fuel economy. Regardless of the type of tire, your vehicle is equipped with, the tire tread mustn\’t be worn out to achieve optimum vehicle performance. Besides, tires will go flat often if the tread is worn out.

Therefore, it is important to check if you need new tires. Let\’s go through a few signs that you need new tires and how to check the tread depth.

Signs That You Need New Tires
Tire treads wear out over time. Besides, you will need to change the tire when the tread wears out or you witness the following signs:

Tread Wear Bars
These bars are small and raised rubber bits that run through the tread grooves. When the bars become even with the tire treads, it is recommended to change the tires.

Cracked Rubber
Sunlight, heat, or improper tire pressure can result in cracked rubber. This will lead to tire wear and tear and pressure loss.

Uneven Tire Tread
Improper tire tread may cause the tire to lose pressure frequently. This problem is mainly due to the under or over-inflated tires, lack of tire rotation, or no wheel alignment.

Tire Pressure Issues
When your car tires are underinflated or contain excessive air, they don\’t work properly. This is why a properly working TPMS sensor from a leading tire pressure sensor manufacturer is important. That said, a TPMS sensor can detect the tire pressure and alert the driver instantly when the pressure is low.

Sidewall Bulges
If the driving conditions are rough and your tires hit curbs or potholes often, tires can develop sidewall bulges.

How To Test The Tire Depth
When you feel the signs of tire wear or an unbalanced ride, it is essential to check the tires\’ tread depth. Here are two methods to check the tire tread depth.

Method-1: Penny Test For Tire Tread Wear
Here\’s how you can check the tread wear using a coin:

  • Insert a coin between the major treads\’ grooves and rotate it
  • If the coin doesn\’t stay in the same place, it means that the tire needs a replacement
  • If the coin stays in such a way that half is visible, the tire doesn\’t need a replacement
  • However, you will need to replace tires if the complete coin is visible as the treads will have been worn out completely

Method 2: Check The Tire Tread Wear Bar
Another way to check is through a tread wear bar. The tread wear bar is present in almost every tire. The tread wear bars are raised rubber bars in the grooves. When the tire tread wear is excessive, these bars will flush. You will need a tire replacement when you witness this sign.

Method 3: Tread Depth Gauge
Another method that you can use to check if your tires need to be replaced or not is the tread depth gauge. Use the tread depth gauge into the grooves and press the gauge down until the probe lies flat against the tread block. Then, read the results.

You will have to ensure the following things when using the tread depth gauge:

  • The tires aren\’t heated up
  • The car isn\’t driven more than 3 kilometers before you are checking

These were all the common signs and how to check the tread wear. The above-mentioned methods and signs will tell you if you need new tires or not. Ensure that you also check the TPMS sensor when changing the tires. If there is a problematic tire pressure sensor, purchase a new TPMS sensor from a leading manufacturer.

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