Tire Rotation – Everything You Need To Know

Tires are in contact with the road and tend to wear over time. They wear out due to friction. Speaking of that, it makes the tires lose grip on the road and make the vehicle unstable. There are certain reasons behind different types of tire wear. However, car owners can increase their tire life through regular tire rotation. Just like car oil changing increases the life of engine parts, tire rotation can protect your tires from wear and tear and make the ride safer for drivers and passengers.

Here is a complete guide that will help you with when and how often your car tires need to be rotated.

When Should I Rotate My Car Tires?
Tire manufacturers recommend getting tire rotation when your tires are not making proper contact with the road and all tires aren\’t working together. Although car owners must get their car tires rotated every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers.

Moreover, one should give an inspection and determine whether the tires are aligned and in harmony or not. Nonetheless, tire manufacturers and experts prefer tire rotation every five years
regardless of the mileage covered.

Why Should I Get Tire Rotation?
Apart from safety, tires help get better handling and ride quality. Therefore, tire rotation plays an important part. Speaking of that, it helps balance all the tires resulting in the vehicle\’s weight balance. Also, it reduces the vibrations in vehicles.

How To Rotate Car Tires
When performing tire rotation, there are different methods for the front wheel and rear wheel drives. That said, here are some tips when you are getting tire rotation for your front wheel or rear wheel drives:

Tire Rotation Of Front Wheel Drive System
In a front-wheel drive system, follow the forward cross pattern. That said, the left front tire goes to the left rear and the right front tire goes to the right rear. And, then the left rear tire goes to the right front.

Tire Rotation Of Rear Wheel Or All-Wheel Drive System
When rotating the tires of the rear, all-wheel, or four-wheel drivetrain, you can follow a reverse cross pattern. This means the left tire in the rear goes to the right front. And similarly, the right rear goes to the left front. Also, the right front tire goes to the left rear one. And, the left front goes to the right rear.

This was a complete guide to tire rotation which has several benefits including a comfortable and convenient driving experience. Alongside, the tire wear reduces due to regular and timely tire rotation. Besides tire rotation, a tire pressure monitoring system helps increase tire life and performance.

Therefore, it is important to buy a new TPMS sensor to be always alerted about underinflated tires. For more information on tire life and health, keep reading Porcsi guides.

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