5 Common Mistakes Causing TPMS Failure

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) maintenance isn\’t a difficult task. However, certain mistakes may result in TPMS sensor failure. Moreover, as a car owner or technician, one must be aware of the mistakes that make TPMS sensors less profitable and lead to failure.

In this guide, let\’s learn about these common mistakes that lead to a TPMS sensor failure.

Reasons Behind The Unprofitable And Failed TPMS Sensor
There are certain pitfalls that technicians should be aware of when changing or checking the TPMS. It may be a programming issue or a faulty sensor part that requires replacement. The following are some of the common mistakes making tire pressure sensors fail.

Outdated TPMS Scanning Tool
An updated TPMS sensor tool is essential. Speaking of that, it is one of the important steps in TPMS service as you may encounter most issues due to an outdated tool.

If you don\’t have an updated TPMS tool, you won\’t be able to diagnose the notable problems and relearn the sensors. Leading TPMS manufacturers provide software updates in the scanners every month. Besides, new software updates allow quick and accurate results and relearning.

Failure To Perform A TPMS Relearning
When you install a new TPMS sensor or service the existing ones, programming is essential to make the sensors fully functional. And, since the sensors work together with the receivers. Therefore, if not programmed correctly, they may send inaccurate information. That said, it may become a safety concern.

Not Replacing TPMS Hardware
When you service your car tires, look out for TPMS sensor hardware. The following components of the TPMS sensor may require replacement:

  • Mounting seals
  • Washers
  • Hex nut
  • Valve core and cap

Replacing these worn-out components need a replacement. Speaking of that, these key components help provide a leak-free seal. This helps prolong the life of tires and the TPMS sensors.

Incorrect Or No Verification Of The Vehicle Data
It is necessary to know the accurate details of your vehicle. For instance, the vehicle manufacturer, model, and year. You can confirm this data using a vehicle identification number (VIN). Nonetheless, it is essential to know the accurate car details to easily find the correct car TPMS sensor replacement.

Not Factory Resetting The TPMS Sensor After Tire Rotation
When you change the tires or service them, TPMS sensors may lose their functionality. That said, newer car models come with pressure-by-location features. Moreover, when you get your tires rotated, it is important to factory relearn or they give you incorrect information regarding tire pressure.

These were all the common mistakes that lead to TPMS sensor failure. At Porcsi, the TPMS sensors and services provided are of high quality. Therefore, when you plan to replace your car\’s TPMS sensor or tires, ensure to buy it from the leading TPMS manufacturers.

For more information regarding TPMS sensors and other safety features, keep reading the Porcsi articles.

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