All about Bluetooth TPMS sensor

Modern cars have become more connected than ever. Various types of communication include internal communication, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and vehicle-to-person communication. That said, Bluetooth is an important feature allowing bi-directional communication.

Speaking of that, tire pressure sensor manufacturers and suppliers have integrated Bluetooth into TPMS sensors. A Bluetooth TPMS sensor can solve the problems for the drivers on when to inflate their tires.

Let\’s go through how Bluetooth TPMS sensors are enhancing the tire pressure alert system.

Working Of A Bluetooth TPMS Sensor
Bluetooth has many advantages and its integration into TPMS sensors offers a better alert system. Here’s how a Bluetooth TPMS sensor works:

  • A Bluetooth TPMS sensor supports both Android and iOS systems.
  • It is designed to provide real-time data when the system detects any abnormal air pressure or temperature conditions.
  • The sensor will use low-frequency radio signals to transmit data to the car’s internal computer and mobile device.
  • kjjjThe system starts alerting when the pressure gets lower than the manufacturer’s recommendation.

A Bluetooth TPMS sensor connects to an Android or Apple device depending on the specifications. The receiver’s operating voltage is set to low so that the sensor uses low power. When the pressure drops below the recommendations, a TPMS sensor sends an alert to the car’s computer and connected mobile device. Users will have to download the app and connect to the tire pressure monitoring system via Bluetooth to receive alerts and warnings.

Benefits Of A Bluetooth TPMS Sensor
Leading TPMS suppliers have integrated Bluetooth to improve the safety standards of the vehicle. Besides, it will help manufacturers to send over-the-air updates and ease the software maintenance process. The following are the advantages of Bluetooth technology-integrated tire pressure sensors:

Up-To-Date Software
Manufacturers ensure to send the updates regularly. That said, all the sensors in the new car models are updated, secured, and optimized. Besides, Bluetooth TPMS sensors are also updated regularly for better functioning and performance.

Improved Use Cases
Bluetooth technology in TPMS sensors can facilitate the outfitting of many other sensors. For instance, you can install tire deformation sensors and pair them with the TPMS sensors to monitor the pressure and other conditions of tires.

Easy Connection With Car Computers And Mobile Phones
Bluetooth TPMS connects to the car body electronics and displays the warning lights on the dashboard. However, some older car models will not alert on the dashboard. Therefore, connecting mobile phones with TPMS sensors can help receive the warning via smartphone notifications.

Good For Transportation Sector
Truck TPMS sensors with Bluetooth can help provide better monitoring and alert. This will create a system to minimize tire wear and offer better performance. Besides, Bluetooth systems can provide better connectivity and enhanced telematics system.

This ends our guide to the TPMS sensors integrated with Bluetooth. You can buy the TPMS sensors from leading suppliers and lower maintenance costs with advanced systems and sensors.