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Do\’s And Don\’ts of TPMS Installation And Maintenance

Modern vehicles feature a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). However, many aren\’t aware of the fact that a TPMS sensor may fail with time. And speaking of that, it may require the car owner to get it repaired or install a new one.

Since low tire pressure has certain drawbacks, it is essential to check the TPMS sensors regularly. Improper installation of a TPMS sensor or a failed one due to lack of maintenance can lead to serious safety concerns.

In the article, we will go through the details of the TPMS sensor installation and maintenance.

Maintaining And Installing A TPMS Sensor
If there is a problem with the TPMS sensor\’s installation and maintenance, the dashboard warning light for TPMS will turn on. When you change the tires or perform tire rotation, the TPMS sensor requires reprogramming.

Let\’s go through mistakes and tips to avoid those mistakes for proper maintenance and installation of TPMS sensors.

Common Mistakes
One tends to make mistakes when maintaining or installing a new tire pressure sensor. These common mistakes include the following:

  • The spare tire
  • Location of the sensor within each tire
  • TPMS reprogramming

Spare Tire
When your tire goes flat, spare tires save you from stranding down the road. But, do you know that these spare tires play an important part in TPMS recalibration? If you don’t activate the sensors in the spare tires, chances exist that the TPMS sensor will give a false result.

Location Of The Sensor
After the tire treads wear out, you tend to change the tires. And thereby, this puts the TPMS sensor at risk. When you are breaking the bead and removing the tire, there is a risk of damaging the TPMS sensor when removing the bead.

TPMS Reprogramming
Another mistake that technicians tend to make when installing and maintaining tire pressure sensors is reprogramming. It is important to reprogram all the tire pressure sensors properly.

Tips For Proper TPMS Sensor Maintenance And Installation
If car owners are simply looking to turn off their TPMS light, check the cause behind it and fix it. If you turn off the light without actually fixing the fault, it can raise vehicle safety concerns.

The main tip when maintaining a TPMS sensor is to check the lifespan of the tire pressure sensor. If the sensor is at the end of its lifespan, replace all old sensors with new TPMS sensors at the same time.

Besides, when you change the bad tire valve stem, make sure you carefully do replace it. Or else, it will damage the TPMS sensors. Therefore, always seek professional help from leading TPMS suppliers or technicians to ensure safety measures.

Moreover, if you tend to change tires depending on the seasons, it is important to check the TPMS sensors. Then, reprogram and activate these sensors every time you change the car tires. If this is not done properly, the TPMS light may turn on.

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