How to Reset a Tire Pressure Light

How to Reset a Tire Pressure Light

Automobile manufacturers have put immense effort into the enhancement of car safety features. Among these modern safety features, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an advanced technology that alerts drivers whether the tires are over or under-inflated. However, what does it mean when the TPMS sensor warning light on the dashboard comes up?

This warning light indicates that the air pressure in the tire is either low or high. Therefore, you will need to reset it accordingly. Here\’s a guide on why a TPMS sensor light turns on and how the driver can simply reset it.

Bad Tire Pressure Sensor Signs

The TPMS is located in the wheels or anti-lock braking system (ABS). It faces heat and wears and tears at times. Since heat can damage electronic sensors, it may cause the tire pressure sensor to fail. Here are the symptoms of a bad tire pressure sensor that may show wrong warning signals on the dashboard:

Low Air Pressure in Tires

The function of a TPMS sensor is to alert the driver of underinflated tires. However, if your tires go flat during a journey and you didn\’t receive a warning beforehand, it may be a bad tire pressure sensor sign.

Therefore, it is time to replace your car\’s TPMS sensor and buy a new one. You can look out for the finest TPMS sensors and find the one suitable for your car model.

TPMS Warning Light on Dashboard

Another sign of a bad tire pressure sensor is that the electronic control unit detects something is wrong with the sensor and illuminates a warning light. The warning light is an indication of the failed TPMS sensor. Therefore, you will need to find a professional mechanic for the sensor\’s replacement.

Wrong Warnings

TPMS sensor detects low air pressure. However, when you receive a warning signal even after your car tires have a sufficient amount of air-filled, it is one of the signs of a bad tire pressure sensor.

You can further assure it by checking it with an onboard diagnostic scanner. If you don\’t receive any code related to the TPMS sensor, try resetting the TPMS warning light. If it resets, your car\’s TPMS won\’t require replacement. Here\’s how you reset a tire pressure sensor warning light.

Steps To Reset Tire Pressure Sensor
Warning Light

The following steps will help you reset the TPMS sensor warning light on the dashboard:

Inflate The Tires With The Correct Pressure

Ensure that the tires have a sufficient amount of air pressure. You can use a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure. If this doesn\’t turn off the warning light move on to the next step.

Press The TPMS Sensor Reset Button

If your car tires have the right amount of air pressure and the TPMS sensor warning light is still displaying on the dashboard, then follow these steps:

  • The next step is to press the TPMS sensor button located near the steering wheel.
  • Check your user manual to locate the TPMS reset switch. Insert the key into the ignition switch. 
  • Turn on the battery but don\’t switch on the engine.
  • Now press the button for around 3 seconds. 
  • When you see the warning light blinking, turn the engine on. 
  • Drive for 20 to 25 minutes and the TPMS warning light will calibrate and reset.

Drive At 50 Miles Per Hour

After you have made sure that your tires are correctly inflated according to your car model, drive at 50 mph for around 10 miles. The sensor will automatically calibrate itself at this speed. Some car models may require an even higher speed and this method works with the TPMS sensors fitted in the ABS or alongside wheel speed sensors.

Remove And Reconnect The Battery

You can also try removing and reconnecting your battery. That said, it is considered to be one of the easiest ways to reset and fix the glitches in computerized sensors and systems. Follow these steps:

  • Remove the battery\’s negative terminal
  • Press the horn to drain out the remaining power
  • Connect the battery again
  • The TPMS sensor light will reset and turn off.

Use A TPMS Reset Tool

The TPMS sensor might require a reset tool. That said, with a TPMS sensor reset tool, one can easily reset the warning light on the dashboard.

This was a complete guide on how you can reset a TPMS sensor light. Besides, you can buy a car TPMS sensor if the old one has failed. Although you can drive with a TPMS light on or a bad sensor, it is not recommended as excessive or less inflated tires may result in an accident.


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