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How Do Tires Increase Fuel Efficiency?

Tires carry the entire weight of the car. And, proper air pressure in tires can help keep the vehicle stable and handle better. Alongside many benefits such as road gripping, traction, cornering, and handling, tires help influence fuel efficiency.

While several factors contribute to increasing or decreasing fuel efficiency, tires are one of them. For instance, if the tires are not inflated, it will affect the fuel economy negatively.

Let\’s go through this guide on how tires help increase fuel efficiency.

Can Tires Affect Fuel Mileage?
A precise answer is yes. Tires account for around 20 to 30 percent of fuel consumption in the car. It depends upon the types of tires, size, and tire pressure. Moreover, the rolling resistance of tires affects fuel efficiency.

Let’s understand all the factors that affect fuel efficiency because of tires.

Rolling Resistance
Rolling resistance determines how much force a tire needs to overcome inertia. The factors involved in determining rolling resistance are the following such as drag force, road quality, and air resistance. Therefore, some manufacturers design and produce tires with low rolling resistance to increase fuel efficiency.

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Tires are the only car component connecting to the road. That said, if the tires are worn-out, they may affect the handling and gripping. As a result, the engine may have to put in extra work to move the vehicle. This way, the tires will affect the fuel efficiency negatively.

Tire treads also have an impact on fuel efficiency. More than 35 percent of rolling resistance is due to the treads. Manufacturers have adapted to the new shallower tread design that increases fuel efficiency.

Moreover, if the treads are worn out, the engine will put in extra work. That said, it will increase fuel consumption. For that reason, always ensure to check tire treads now and then.

Tire Size
While cars have standard guidelines, some drivers like to make modifications. These modifications include bigger tires as well. While putting bigger tires on cars provides a fine off-roading experience, it can affect fuel efficiency.

Bigger tires are heavier and require more engine power to move the vehicle. This will always result in increased fuel consumption.

Proper Inflation
Inflated tires according to the manufacturer\’s recommendations are also important. If the tires don\’t have enough air pressure, it can increase fuel consumption. If the tire pressure is 20 percent less, it increases fuel consumption by 10%.

Proper tire air pressure is important as under and overinflated tires can have adverse effects on performance. To get the best fuel efficiency from tires, check tire pressure every month. Besides, the TPMS sensor warns the driver about tire pressure. Therefore, ensure that the tire pressure sensor is working properly.

These were all the factors that decrease or increase fuel efficiency from tires. Always make sure that tires are in good health to decrease fuel consumption and enhance vehicle performance.

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