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Signs Of A Bad Tire Pressure Sensor

A car may go through ascertain problems in its lifetime. Many systems and sensors are integrated into cars for better performance and safety. However, these sensors can malfunction with time. Similarly, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) can malfunction.

That said, if your car has a bad tire pressure sensor, it will display a warning light on the dashboard. Moreover, a bad TPMS tire sensor can display the wrong low-pressure warning lights on the dashboard.

Let\’s go through the signs of a bad tire pressure sensor that will require replacement.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Tire Pressure Sensor?
A TPMS sensor may have a dead battery or the metal components may have worn out. Since sensors are electrical components, they can catch dust and debris causing the sensor to malfunction. That said, a bad tire pressure sensor will have symptoms that once can be identified.

Here we have listed some signs:

Low Air Pressure In Tires
The basic function of a tire pressure sensor is to alert the driver when the tires are underinflated. However, when the TPMS sensor isn\’t functioning properly, it will not send a warning signal to the driver. And the low air pressure in tires can result in the following disadvantages:

1. When the tire pressure is low, it can result in a tire burst.
2. Excessive or underinflated tires can become subject to more wear and tear.
3. The tires can be uneven and can cause an uncomfortable ride.
4. The steering wheel might jerk and cause a sluggish acceleration.
5. You may hear a weird noise from the tires when the air pressure is low.
6. You will notice an increased fuel consumption because underinflated tires require power to drive.

You can witness some of the above problems due to other parts problems as well. However, the above-mentioned are significant signs of a bad tire pressure sensor resulting in underinflated tires.

Engine Warning Light
Do you find an engine check light on? That may be due to multiple reasons. The engine check light comes on when the electronic control unit (ECU) sends signals for malfunctioning sensors.

In this case, one can use onboard diagnostic (OBD) scanners to find out the problem code. That said, the code will tell you the reason. If there is a problematic tire pressure sensor, you will need to buy this sensor and replace it.

Incorrect Warning
If you have recently inflated your tires and the dashboard warning shows low air pressure in tires, there can be a problem with the TPMS sensor. Check the air pressure in your tires again because TPMS sensors can send warnings even if the tire pressure is only 10% lower than the recommended.

Therefore, when you witness the signs of a bad tire pressure sensor, it is time to replace it with a quality one. You can browse through different tire pressure sensors from Porcsi- the leading TPMS sensor supplier.

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