How Long Does A Tire Pressure Monitoring System Last?

Sensors and systems are electric components that have different life spans. It also depends on how often these sensors are used. If we talk about car sensors, their lifespan may vary from 5 to 10 years. That said, this lifespan depends on multiple factors such as how many kilometers have you driven your car or the average temperature of your region, or the type of battery in sensors.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) uses sensors on all four wheels. This TPMS sensor detects the air pressure and if the pressure is lower than recommended, it sends the warning signal. Before we get on to how long a TPMS sensor lasts, let\’s go through the causes that will result in a bad tire pressure monitoring system.

Causes Of A Bad TPMS Sensor
There are multiple reasons why you have a bad TPMS sensor. The following are some causes that might require reprogramming or replacement of the TPMS sensor.

1. If you have changed the wheels recently, the TPMS sensor warning light may illuminate. You will need to reprogram the sensor and it will function properly then.
2. Corrosion of components can be another reason why you have a bad TPMS sensor
3. The TPMS sensor may have run out of batteries causing a malfunction
4. Sensors have memory. The TPMS sensor might have lost its memory and it will require reprogramming.

Lifespan Of A TPMS Sensor
A TPMS sensor may last from 5 to 10 years depending on the quality. However, you can always replace this sensor. It is available at Porcsi, one of the leading TPMS sensor manufacturers.

Why Do You Need TPMS Sensor Replacement?
A TPMS tire sensor is among the modern safety features. Not only the sensor helps in improving a vehicle\’s performance but also protects the occupants from any major accidents.

Besides, low air pressure in tires can have the following disadvantages:
1. Increased fuel consumption because underinflated tires require more power to move.
2. Reduces accidents as you will know about low tire pressure saving you from possible car jerks.
3. Increases tire life as you will regularly fill air whenever the sensor alerts you.

How To Check A Bad Tire Pressure Sensor
Many car diagnostic tools can help you detect car problems. Here are a few that can help detect a bad tire pressure sensor.

TPMS Scan Tool: This tool helps in checking the batteries and wiring of TPMS sensors. If there is any problem, it will show a code. Hence, it will help you know when to replace the TPMS tire sensor.
Air Filling and Releasing: Fill each tire to the recommended pressure and release slowly. If the TPMS sensor is functioning properly, it will show the alert. However, it won\’t give a warning signal if there is a malfunctioning TPMS tire sensor.

Digital Pressure Gauge: You can measure the pressure using this gauge. If the pressure is lower than recommended and there is no alert or warning signal, it is time to replace the TPMS sensor.

This wraps our guide on how you can check the bad TPMS. It is important to understand that if you have a car model earlier than 2015, then you need to check the TPMS sensor completely. That said, you can buy this sensor from Porcsi, the leading TPMS sensor supplier offering sensors that are compatible with multiple car makes, and models.

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