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8 Possible Reasons Your Car\’s Tires Keep Losing Pressure

Properly inflated tires play a crucial role in a car\’s performance and help achieve better fuel efficiency. Alongside, tires with the right amount of pressure can grip better on roads. But, what if your tires go flat time and again? It means there is a problem that your car’s tires keep losing pressure.

In this guide, we will cover all the reasons why your car’s tires keep losing pressure. Let’s go through these reasons.

Why Do Your Car’s Tires Keep Going Flat?
There can be multiple reasons why your car tires keep losing pressure. From a sharp stone or nail to tire wear, these reasons contribute to losing air pressure in tires. Therefore, it is essential to learn the causes to take the right course of action in dealing with this problem.

Here are all the reasons causing the car’s tires to lose pressure frequently.

Wheel Bead Corrosion
One of the reasons why your tire loses pressure often is a bad wheel rim. If there is corrosion or rust in the wheel rims, the air will escape causing the tires to lose shape.

That said, if the tires lose shape, there are high chances of wheel bead corrosion when coming in contact with potholes. And, when there is bead corrosion, tires tend to lose more pressure.

Damaged Valve
The valve stem is the part from where you can fill nitrogen or air into the tires. Since it comes out of the tire when you fill the air, it may crack or damage in the process when you over-tighten them. Therefore, it will become one of the reasons why your car\’s tires keep leaking pressure slowly and continuously.

Corroded Or Damaged Rims
Any damaged part of a tire can become a reason for constant air leaks. Damaged rims can cause tires to lose shape and thereby damage the wheel bead. That said, the tire will lose pressure more frequently when the wheel beads are damaged due to the rims.

Bad TPMS Sensor
A tire pressure sensor detects low air pressure and warns the drivers immediately. However, if your tire keeps losing pressure and you are not alerted, there may be a bad TPMS sensor. You can solve this problem by using a TPMS sensor from the top tire pressure sensor manufacturer and supplier.

Tire Tread Wear
After you cover certain miles, you may witness that the tire treads wear out. Tire tread wear can cause frequent loss of air pressure. It is one of the signs that you require a tire replacement.

Sharp Nail Or Stone In The Tire
When the tires come in contact with any sharp nail or stone, they tend to lose pressure. This can happen when you drive through any construction site. It is recommended to get your puncture repaired soon to avoid any further damage to the tires.

Potholes Or Curbs
Driving on tough road conditions where there are too many potholes or curbs can cause your tires to go flat. This can happen due to frequent acceleration and brakes applied while driving.

Extreme Hot Or Cold Weather
Every 1-degree centigrade change can cause a tire to lose 0.19 psi pressure. Therefore, a tire may lose pressure due to extreme temperature changes.

This was all about why your tires keep losing pressure. To keep learning more about tires and their health, keep reading our blogs.

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