How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tire Pressure Sensor?

Modern vehicles are equipped with sensors and technologies that may wear out after some years. Similarly, tire pressure sensor may wear out too due to multiple reasons. That said, it will need to be replaced for ultimate driver and passenger safety.

Before we learn what it costs to replace a tire pressure sensor, let\’s go through why you need a new tire pressure sensor.

When Does Your Car Require TPMS Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement?

It is essential to understand that many accidents occur due to excessive or underinflated tires. TPMS sensor detects the pressure in tires and alerts the driver in case of low air pressure. However, this sensor requires maintenance and replacement to function properly.

Your TPMS sensor needs to be replaced in the following conditions:

  • It may get damaged or worn out with time.
  • The battery may have run out of life.
  • After a tire service, TPMS may get damaged or require reprogramming.
  • Nut, washer, valve core, and seal in the TPMS require replacement after service.
  • If your tires are properly inflated and the sensor alerts you otherwise, it needs to be replaced.

Benefits Of Replacing TPMS Tire Pressure Sensor

TPMS sensors use metal pieces that may corrode with time. This will surely require replacement. Besides, there are multiple other benefits of a properly functioning tire pressure sensor:

Alerts You On Low Tire Pressure

When you have underinflated tires, the TPMS sensor will alert you. This will save your tires from going flat in the mid journey.

Improves Fuel Economy

Tires with low air pressure will create more drag and require more engine power. That said, more fuel will be required to meet the power needs. Therefore, a tire pressure sensor warns the driver of underinflated tires and improves fuel economy.

Increase Road Safety

When you are driving a car with low air pressure in tires, it may burst or go flat while on the road. This may become a cause of major accidents. Therefore, a TPMS sensor can ensure the safety of car occupants.

Reduces Wear And Tear Of Tires

Tires with low air pressure may be subjected to more wear and tear. This will reduce the life of tires and require replacement very often.

Better Vehicle Handling

Underinflated tires can make your drive rough and tough. However, if you have a TPMS sensor and get your tires filled with the required amount of air pressure, it will improve vehicle handling. This will ensure a comfortable ride.

Cost Of TPMS Replacement 

The cost may vary depending on your vehicle type and model. Usually, a TPMS sensor ranges from $50-$100 and the mechanics may charge their service fee. In the case where you witness signs of a bad TPMS sensor, you can buy quality sensors from Porcsi, the leading TPMS sensor supplier.

Porcsi offers a wide range of TPMS sensors according to vehicle type and car models from different auto brands. Therefore, when your TPMS fails, you can replace it with the tire pressure sensor manufactured by Porcsi.

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