Replacing The Tires: When And Why To Replace?

Gauging tire health and keeping a check on when to replace your tires is very important when you own a car. Tires tread any wear out with time or there may be other visible signs telling you to replace the tires. Besides, safety concerns may arise due to improper tires. Therefore, Replacing The Tires will help increase fuel efficiency and reduce the chances of accidents.

Similar to any other car component, the tire has an ascertained life and needs to be changed after a certain time. Let\’s understand the factors on why and when you should replace the tire.

When Should I Replace My Car Tires
The question that comes to the mind of car owners is when should one replace the car tires? Or how often do car tires need replacement?

Two main factors, damage, and tire age are the major considerations. Let\’s go through them in detail.

Tire Wear
Components tend to wear out with time. Similarly, tires also wear out no matter how smoothly you drive your car. That said, tire wear may cause alignment issues or losing tire pressure.

Besides, tire wear means that the tread wears out all across. This means that the tire tread wear doesn\’t occur only on the inside or outside of the tire. Also, the following reasons contribute to tire wear and damage:
Lack of attention to tire maintenance
Potholes, curbs, or damaged roads
Excessive switch from high acceleration to braking
Driving at high speeds for a long duration

Tire Age
A tire can age and affect vehicle performance. Moreover, tire aging includes rubber changing. While rubber damage and changing can be due to the environment, it can also depend on how many miles your car is driven.

It can be difficult to know about the tire\’s age and wear. Therefore, it is recommended to get your tires and other car components checked by an expert technician.

Besides, here is a list of signs indicating that you need to replace the tires:
Bubbles or bulges on tires
Tire vibration
Side walls or cracks in the tires
Damages valve caps causing loss or tire pressure

Why Should You Change The Tires
When you know the reasons to change tires, it is essential to learn why replacing the tires is necessary after the tires age or the treads wear out. The following reasons will help you understand why changing damaged tires should be replaced on time:
Difficulty in accelerating or braking the car
Compromised tire grip on roads resulting in slippage
Tire blowouts that can result in an accident

This ends our guide on why and when you need to replace the tires. Tire pressure is of utmost importance and you need a TPMS sensor to avoid any major damage to tires. Therefore, buy a new TPMS sensor and replace the old or bad tire pressure sensor to avoid any mishap.

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