When To Replace Tires For Winter Driving: Benefits And The Right Time

With winter just around the corner, this season asks for changes. That said, automobiles also require maintenance and a specific type of tire set for driving on snowy roads. But, it is essential to understand when to replace summer or all-season tires with a set of winter tires.

Let\’s understand why and when you need winter tires and what benefits these tires provide on snowy and icy roads.

Why Should You Use Winter Tires?

If your car slips on icy or snowy terrains, it is essential to have the right tires for winter driving. While one must be aware that summer tires aren\’t designed to work on snowy roads, it is essential to replace them with the right type of tires for winter driving.

Besides, all-season tires offer some sort of performance on snowy roads but they aren’t as efficient as winter tires. Speaking of that, winter tires are designed with a special and deep tread pattern providing a significant grip on icy and snowy roads than other types of tires. Moreover, they are more adaptable to winter temperatures and make braking or accelerating easy.

When Should You Use Winter Tires?
You should equip your cars with winter tires when the temperature falls below 7 degrees centigrade. That said, these tires perform efficiently in these cold temperatures. Additionally, these winter tires clear away slush and dig into the snow to provide better traction control.

Another reason why you should use winter tires when the temperature falls below 7 degrees centigrade is that these tires provide good handling. This good handling is achieved due to the custom rubber compound in the winter tires that stays soft and flexible in freezing temperatures.

Which Winter Tires Should You Choose?
Once you have decided that you need to equip your car with winter tires, it is essential to know some signs. Ensure that the tires have a symbol of three-peak mountains with snowflakes as these tires are specifically designed to provide a better performance in mild to severe snow and winter conditions.

Can You Use Winter Tires on AWD or 4WD Cars?
While driving on snowy terrains and mountains, gripping and traction depends upon the tires rather than the vehicle type. That is why it is important to equip your all-wheel and four-wheel drive cars with winter tires when the temperature falls below 7 degrees centigrade.

This wraps our complete guide to when you need to replace your tires for winter driving. It is to be noted that you can’t use winter tires all year long as they are subject to more wear and tear in the summer season.

Moreover, when you replace your car tires for winter driving, ensure that the tire pressure sensors are functioning properly. If the TPMS sensor isn’t working properly, you can replace the bad TPMS sensor with a new one from a leading tire pressure sensor manufacturer.

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