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OEM Vs ODM TPMS Sensors: All You Need To Know

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) are the most common terms you hear when learning about the manufacturing world. Many confuse both terms. However, both terms have completely different meanings.

Speaking of that, OEMs build products based on the design provided by the company. For instance, Toyota provides a certain design of their TPMS sensor to the top TPMS suppliers for manufacturing these sensors. Meanwhile, ODM manufacturers design the product themselves and then sell it to their customers. For instance, a TPMS company designs its unique set of sensors and then sells them to customers after manufacturing them for them.

Let’s go through the details about OEM TPMS service vs ODM TPMS service to learn more differences between both.

OEM TPMS Sensors Service
An OEM tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is specifically designed and programmed to fit a certain vehicle. For instance, a Toyota Corolla TPMS sensor will only fit the Corolla model and some other vehicles with the same specification.

Additionally, an OEM TPMS sensor is programmed for one year as per the car\’s make and model. After one year, it will need to be reprogrammed and updated to meet modern safety specifications. Moreover, the OEM TPMS sensors are for a specific vehicle or they may fit in other vehicles of similar specs.

Besides, OEM TPMS sensors have the following advantages:

  • Tested for specific vehicles
  • They come with a warranty
  • OEM TPMS sensors can be fitted with other vehicles of a similar type with the use of different tire valves
  • More accurate results
  • They offer low-frequency transmission and radio-frequency reception
  • These are more reliable and have a longer lifespan

Another benefit of an OEM TPMS sensor is that each sensor will have an ID. Speaking of that, it will be easy to replace with an already programmed TPMS sensor. Besides, expert service mechanics can help with OEM TPMS relearning easily.

ODM TPMS Sensors Service
Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is restricted to a single design. For instance, a manufacturer orders the ODM TPMS sensors already designed by the manufacturer. These are highly cost-effective. Most manufacturers become white-label to sell their products.

The upfront costs of becoming an ODM are high. That said, it required lots of R&D. Besides, ODM has the advantage of being cost-effective and accurate. However, the ODM TPMS service can become a difficult task as not many can reprogram it accordingly.

While both OEM Vs ODM TPMS types are available in the market, it is always recommended to check and buy the one that fits your vehicle. Besides, always buy the tire pressure sensor from the leading TPMS supplier, Porcsi to get the high-quality one for your car.

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