Replaceable TPMS Sensor

Replaceable TPMS Sensor Vs Serviceable : All You Need To Know

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a safety feature that monitors, displays, and warns the driver when the tire pressure of their vehicle becomes lower than recommended. That said, the TPMS ensures that the pressure in each tire is accurate. Several types of TPMS sensors are available in the market. Speaking of that, two main types are Serviceable or Replaceable TPMS. Let’s go through the detailed comparison between serviceable and replaceable TPMS to understand more about the pros and cons of each option.

Serviceable TPMS Sensors
Serviceable TPMS sensors come with the ability to be repaired. A Serviceable TPMS sensor is made up of a rubber cover on its sensors that usually withstand various types of damage. The serviceable TPMS sensors can damage but the major advantage is that it comes with a service kit.

Let’s go through the factors distinguishing serviceable TPMS from replaceable TPMS sensors.

Long Life
Serviceable TPMS sensors have a longer life as they can be serviced. Besides, the rubber cover helps the sensor withstand damage.

Works With Other Tires If Your Tire Wears Out
Another advantage of a serviceable TPMS over a replaceable one is that it works even in one tire. That said, if the TPMS sensor fails in one tire or that tire wears out, the sensors in other tires will work accurately.

If a sensor breaks or gets damaged, replace the whole valve stem assembly. Serviceable sensors will generally cost $50 to $100 depending on the sensor type. You can find cost quotations for different TPMS sensors and buy this type of TPMS sensor at budget-friendly prices from Porcsi- the leading TPMS supplier.

Replaceable TPMS Sensor
As the name suggests, one can replace this type of TPMS sensor once they are damaged or malfunction. However, these replaceable TPMS sensors come at a much lower cost than serviceable TPMS sensors. Let’s go through some factors differentiating between replaceable and serviceable TPMS sensors.

If a sensor breaks or gets damaged, you can just replace the sensing unit for about $10-$20. You can find these replaceable TPMS sensors when they fail or damage easily as they are more affordable than the serviceable tire pressure sensors.

Short Lifespan
The replaceable TPMS sensors have a shorter lifespan than the serviceable ones. It is because replaceable TPMS sensors are manufactured from materials that once damaged, can’t be repaired.

Does Not Work With Other Tires If One Tire Wears Out
You will need to buy new sensors for every tire change or tire rotation. When the tires wear out, you need to change the tires. Along with the tire change, you must replace the tire pressure sensor as well. It is one of the drawbacks of replaceable TPMS sensors.

That wraps our guide to the replaceable vs serviceable TPMS sensors. To find more information and details on tire pressure sensors, stay tuned to the Porcsi News.