TPMS Relearning

TPMS Relearning: Everything You Need To Know About

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an active safety feature in cars. It alerts the drivers about low air pressure in tires and prevents any accidents. A Tire Pressure Monitoring System is paired with the sensors. However, when changing the sensors, requires relearning instead of reprogramming.

What is relearning a TPMS sensor? How do you relearn a TPMS sensor? Let’s go through this brief guide to TPMS relearning and how it helps improve the performance of this active safety system.

What Is TPMS Relearning?
Tire pressure sensors are part of a single system. These TPMS sensors detect the low air pressure in tires and transfer the data to the system. That said, when you buy new car TPMS sensors and replace the old ones, you will need to relearn the tire pressure sensors.

TPMS relearning is the pairing of a new TPMS sensor with the system. Without pairing or relearning the new TPMS sensors, the sensors won’t communicate with the TPMS system and they won’t alert the drivers about the underinflated tires.

Speaking of TPMS relearning procedures, there are three types:

Many cars receive over-the-air updates and have an activation tool within the vehicle. Speaking of that, stationary TPMS relearning doesn’t require driving a car and updates new sensor IDs automatically.

A stationary relearn requires a specific set of codes from the manufacturer. It can require a driver to press the brake pedals multiple times or hold the brake pedal. After the sequence is complete, the TPMS light will turn up and then off, indicating that the TPMS relearning is complete.

An activation tool or TPMS scan tool is connected to the OBD port. That said, it helps relearn the Tire Pressure Monitoring System with new sensor IDs.

Auto Relearn
Modern vehicles can learn new TPMS sensor IDs without the use of scan tools. However, one will need to drive the car to turn off the TPMS light.

Besides, it is essential to know what type of TPMS relearning is required. Many leading TPMS sensor suppliers and manufacturers provide a handbook for the relearning process. One can take help from the guidelines to relearn the sensors.

Relearning Vs Reprogramming A TPMS Sensor
People often confuse reprogramming and relearning. However, both are different technical terms. Reprogramming means programming the sensors according to the vehicle model, whereas relearning means pairing the sensors with the TPMS system.

The TPMS relearn procedure provides a new ID to the TPMS and pairs the sensors. Meanwhile, TPMS sensors are programmed according to the vehicle model in the reprogramming procedure.

This ends our brief guide to TPMS Relearning: Everything You Need To Know About . You can follow the relearning procedures when changing the TPMS sensors. Besides, you can follow the do’s and don’ts of installation and maintenance of TPMS sensors.

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